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Yes. It doesn't matter where you are located we can obtain a bail bond for your loved one. Just fill out the application and we'll get started. CLICK here to start. It takes only a few minutes to complete your bond. Our customer service will walk you through the process live. Just chose to start an online bail bond in the link above.


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Online Bail Bonds

Free To Go is the only bail bond company in the United States that offers a true start to finish online bail bond. Getting a bail bond online is easier than driving to a bail bond office. A live agent will walk you through the entire process and snap a picture of any documents we need. Our goal is to help you post a bond as fast and as conveniently as possible. You can call us at (800) FREE-TO-GO and a licensed bail bondsman will help you complete the entire bond over the phone. Sign forms with your mobile phone or computer. It's easy! There is also the option of completing the bail bond online with our application. Or of course you can visit one of our offices or kiosk locations 24/7.

We're serious about online bail bonds. Many companies say they have an online bail bond, but it relaly means you have to print and sign paperwork. Free To Go has a genuine online bail bond that requires pnly that you click start. It takes only 15 minutes to complete our bail bond application. No matter the crime you were arrested for we can provide you with an online bail bond. If your bond is set to $180,000 or even $2,000, we can help. Whatever your reason for being in jail, our trusted bondsmen will help!

We do a lot of things at Free To Go that makes your life easier. You'll receive electronic notifications when the defendant needs to make court dates, so neither you, or the defendant forget. We also allow you and your indemnitors to sign documents over the phone or on a computer. No one needs to travel or fax documents.

We hope you will give one of our bail bondsmen a call today.

We have standby agent always ready to help you complete your bail bond online.

How to post a bail bond online.

When a person gets arrested, they will want to get out of jail fast. A bail bond makes this possible. By paying bail the court agrees to release the person. The bail money is refunded to whoever posted the bail. In this case a bail bondsman.

You can find out how much bail is required by obtaining a bail schedule. We can do that for you. Also there should be a copy of the bail schedule posted at the facility. Once you are ready just give us a call or press the start button to begin your online bail bond.

Who can post an online bail bond.

Anyone can pay the bail for someone else to get out of jail. However, that can be expensive. That's how a bail bond company helps.

A bail bond company takes on the risk associated with the bail, and if the defendant doesn't show up for court, the bail bond company is on the hook for the costs of the bail. You pay only a small percentage of the bail.

Bail Bonds Online

Free To Go Bail Bonds is a bail bond company serving all of the United States. If you or a loved one need help to post bail in at the or the, call Free To Go Bail Bonds immediately! No one works harder to get you out of jail fast, and back home to friends and family.

24-hour Bail Bondsman in, Online Bail Bond. You can call Free To Go Bail Bonds at 24-Hours a day, seven days a week. They are standing by to get you home, as fast as possible. Or, you can start the bail bond process online, to make it even faster!

Online Bail Bond

What are the advantages?

The advantages of doing your bond online is that everything is electronic. It's fast and easy and indemnitors from anywhere in the country can sign their paperwork online. If you drive to a bail bond location be prepared to fill out a lot of paperwork, it's very duplicative with the same information being on a lot of forms. We utilize technology to make sure that after you receive your online bail bond you are notified whenever there are court dates or if there is a problem with billing. An online bail bond does not need to be a dauting task. Get started today!



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