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The Bail Process

In most cases when a person has been arrested, the court sets a bond that must be paid in order for the defendant to be released from custody in preparation of trial. Bond prices vary from city to city. To obtain bail a defendant's friends or family members goes to a bail bond asks a licensed bail bondsman to cover the bond. The bail bond company then becomes responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up to all hearings and any trial. If the defendant doesn't show up the bail bond company must pay the entire bond value to the court.

At Free To Go bonding out is easy. You can start your bond and a live agent will help you complete it. You can even sign all the forms on your home computer. You also have the option of obtaining a bond over the phone by calling 800-373-3846. Once completed you can sign the forms on your mobile phone. You may also visit one of our friendly offices or kiosk locations and meet with a licensed bail agent 24/7.

We have locations throughout the State of California.




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