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Bail bonds set for man in southern California

SLO Law enforcement received a 911 call just after midnight on Cinco de Mayo reporting a shooting at the Oceano Dunes Natural Preserve. Six people were hospitalized, Five of the Six were hospitalized for gunshot wounds. SLO County Sheriff’s have yet to release information on the victims’ conditions. The SLO County Sheriff’s office believes the shooting to be an isolated incident. A witness told ABC 30, the shooting occurred after an argument. Another witness claimed the dispute was over a domestic violence incident that had happened that evening. A 19-year-old Oakland man, Francisco Orozco, has been arrested in connection with ... Read more

New Hampshire Bail Bonds: Reform Issues

New Hampshire Police and prosecutors are calling for sweeping changes to the state’s six-month-old bail reform law, pointing to the case of Mark Dennis. Dennis was already free on a personal recognizance bond in November when police say he stabbed a man. Despite having violated his original bail agreement and being charged with being a felon in possession of a deadly weapon and second-degree assault he was again released just 12 hours later. Police and prosecutors testified about multiple other instances of violent offenders being arrested and released back into the community. New Hampshire Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes (D) ... Read more

Ohio man is facing charges for raping a developmentally disabled girl set free: Bail Reform

An Ohio man is facing charges for raping a developmentally disabled girl when she was 13 and he was 17. Nathan Hoyle, now 28, admitted to the crimes during a polygraph test that he submitted to during his application process for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. After admitting to his crimes the Ohio State Highway Patrol contacted Wooster police and informed them of what Hoyle had said during a background investigation. OSHP told them that Hoyle had admitted to sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled girl in 2009, Assistant Chief Scott Rotolo said. When detectives spoke to Hoyle he said he ... Read more

Los Angeles County: Posting Bail Bonds

SB 10: Bi partisan failure Los Angeles, CA- The Los Angeles Daily Journal recently published an article, entitled “Analysis of LA County Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools Raises Questions,” in it they expose serious flaws in Los Angeles County’s risk assessment algorithm. An analysis of pretrial risk assessment scores given to defendants in Los Angeles County over the course of a year reveals a faulty system that could lead to more incarceration and more crime, according to experts in the field of pretrial detention. – Daily Journal, 12/5/18 Senator Robert Hertzberg, who represents Los Angeles county, championed the legislation that introduced ... Read more

Bail Bonds companies will be able to continue doing business

California Bail Bonds- California Senate Bill 10, a bill that would eliminate the payment of money as a condition of release in the state, is on hold after the bail industry paid to get an initiative on the November 2020 ballot. Bail groups started fighting the legislation 3 years ago when it was introduced. They claimed it would release violent offenders on to the streets and destroy the $2-billion bail industry, an industry that includes 3,200 bail agents in California alone. The day after SB10 was signed into law bail industry groups raised about $3 million to pay for the ... Read more

Bail Bonds Help Families Get Together For The Holidays

The bail industry saw a rush of business this past Christmas Eve. “People want to be with their loved ones. You know, they may want to get their husband out, their son out,” Diana Sutton of ABC Bail Bonds said. Most individuals eligible for bail are charged with non-violent misdemeanors, such as open traffic warrants or traffic violations. California with bail elimination on the horizon, a persons freedom may be up to a judge or an algorithm? A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who is aware of the issues with Bail Bonds elimination said “Bail Bonds is the only way ... Read more

California Bail Bonds: Take A Look At New Mexico

Bail reform in New Mexico allowed dangerous terrorists to walk free on what’s called a signature bond, which means they sign their name and are free to go.   In 2016, voters in New Mexico approved a constitutional amendment that limited cash bail and moved towards replacing it with an evidence-of-risk-based system of release and detention. This system was tested last year and many agree that it failed.   On August 3, 2018 authorities raided a compound in New Mexico. Once inside they found 11 children living in what authorities have described as a squalid conditions and the body of ... Read more

New York Bail Bonds: Reform Underway

New York state lawmakers are close to passing bail reform that would release people arrested for crimes like rape in the second- and third-degree, promoting a sexual performance by a child, conspiracy to commit murder, assault in the second-degree, and making terroristic threats. Prosecutors across the state are speaking out against the legislation, which is part of Governor Cuomo’s 2020 budget.   Jefferson County District Attorney Kristyna Mills said, “The way these bills are currently written poses a great threat to public safety.”   The legislation would also force prosecutors hand over witness statements and information, like addresses, within 15 ... Read more

Pasadena Bail Bonds

Pasadena, Texas’  Police Chief, Josh Bruegger, took to Facebook to express his anger after learning that Ja’Kouri Jones had been released on a personal recognizance bond after being charged with four counts of aggravated robbery, and aggravated assault.   “It’s disappointing that you have a defendant charged with multiple felonies, including an armed robbery and shooting at a witness, that’s allowed to walk out of the front doors of the jail with just his signature that he’ll appear in court again,” said Chief Bruegger.   On Jan. 4, Jones committed two armed robberies. Two days later, On Jan. 6, he ... Read more

Tracking Bail Bond Fugitives

Tracking Fugitives: Long Beach, CA- In a recent article by Motherboard they reported about companies that traffic in personal location data, and how easy that information can be acquired for a few hundred dollars. The reporter said he was able to pay a bounty hunter $300 to get a cell phone’s GPS location. The bounty hunter was able to buy the location data through third-party vendors that get the data directly from T-Mobile. T-Mobile shares location data with companies like Zumigo, who shares that information with Microbilt. Microbilt then shares that data with its customers. The Motherboard article claimed the ... Read more